Information about cookies

In this cookie notice, we provide information about how ADB Gjensidige (hereinafter - the "Company" or "we") uses cookies on its website at (hereinafter - the "website").

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer or any other device used for browsing a website. The information collected by cookies allows the Company to ensure the quality of the user experience, learn about the behaviour of users, analyse trends, provide attractive personal offers and improve the service for users.

You can choose which cookies will be stored on your device. If you do not accept the cookies, you can disable all cookies or enable/disable them one by one. Refusing or disabling the cookies (especially those that are strictly necessary) can slow down your navigation or restrict the functionality of the website.

Disabling the strictly necessary cookies may disrupt the website functionality, e.g. you may not be able to enter the information needed for an insurance offer, navigation may slow down, etc. For more information about cookies, how they work and their settings, please see

The purpose of cookies

The company normally uses the information collected by cookies for the following purposes:

  • ensuring the proper website operation and functionality;
  • improving the user experience;
  • adapting the website functionality to your habits (e.g. your language preferences);
  • collecting statistics (e.g. the number of users per day);
  • ensuring fraud prevention.

Details of the cookies used on the website are provided in the table below.

Cookie name Purpose Expiration
Necessary cookies enable the basic functionality of the website and access to the secure network. The website will not work properly without these cookies.
__REQUESTVERIFICATIONTOKENan anti forgery token (prevent CSRF attack)Deleted when browser is closed
WEBSITE#LANGsitecore cookie (language info)Deleted when browser is closed
CHATSESSIONWEBSITEUsed by chatbot to maintain session8 hours
GJENSIDIGE#LANGcontains information about site language1 year
COOKIEPROMPTUsed by cookie prompt banner20 years
cookieConsentNecessaryStores necessary cookies consent setting value20 years
cookieConsentStatisticalStores statistical cookies consent setting value20 years
cookieConsentMarketingStores marketing cookies consent setting value20 years
ALERT-83432AC8581449E5918372C8431585A9Connected with global alert close button 20 years
Statistical cookies collect information about the number of users and help us to have a better understanding of how users use our website and how to improve their experience. These cookies do not collect personal data and are not related to direct marketing offers.
_HJINCLUDEDINSAMPLEHotjar cookie. This session cookie is set to let Hotjar know whether that visitor is included in the sample which is used to generate funnels.Deleted when browser is closed
_DC_GTM_UA-45843012-2google tag manager cookie. Used to throttle request rate.1 minute
_GAT_UA-45843012-2Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate1 minute
_GIDRegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.24 hours
_HJDONEPOLLSHotjar cookie. Used to tell if a user has completed a poll to avoid getting the same poll again1 year
_HJIDHotjar cookie. This cookie is set when the customer first lands on a page with the Hotjar script. It is used to persist the Hotjar User ID, unique to that site on the browser.1 year
_HJMINIMIZEDPOLLSHotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor minimizes a Feedback Poll widget. It is used to ensure that the widget stays minimizes when the visitor navigates through your site.1 year
_GARegisters a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.2 years
Marketing cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to website users and their interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advert as well as to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
_FBPfacebook marketing cookie.3 months
_GCL_AUUsed by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.3 months

Third-party cookies

The website uses third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and Adform. These cookies help to generate anonymous reports, statistics and display targeted advertising. If your browser allows third-party cookies, our partners have the option to store their cookies in your browser. The names and scope of third-party cookies may change slightly, but their purpose remains the same.

You can read the Google Analytics privacy policy here. If you want to prevent your web browsing information from being used by Google Analytics, you can use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You can read the Hotjar privacy policy here, and if you want to prevent your browsing data from being recorded by Hotjar, you can disable this tool here.

For the Adform privacy policy and the possibility to opt out of the cookies stored, please see here.

Cookies the Company collects from social media

Our website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. The Company also administers fan pages on social networks LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. The Company has no control over the creation and storage of cookies used on these networks, and we recommend that you refer to the LinkedIn privacy policy, the Facebook cookie policy and the Google privacy policy.

Due to the specific nature of the cookies above, the Company receives only statistical information on fan page traffic, and does not have access to the information collected by cookies on other websites. The administrators of these websites have no access to the cookies collected on the Company’s website. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices used by these websites.

Other information

Access to the information collected by cookies is provided to Company employees as well as to our partners who provide content management tools for the website.

The information collected by cookies is normally processed within the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA). However, if the information is transferred outside the EU/EEA, the Company ensures an adequate level of data protection in accordance with mandatory privacy laws, such as contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission and/or Privacy Shield requirements. Such a data recipient outside the EU/EEA is Google LLC, which provides the Company with the Google Analytics tool.

For more information on the processing of personal data by the Company, please read the privacy principles of ADB Gjensidige.

Should the Company update this cookie notice, the updated information will be available at